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This is Super Co-op Adventure.

A retro-ish local co-op puzzle-action-platformer videogame that everybody can play on their computer without the need of a wired/wireless gamepad. Your keyboard and mouse can do great things together...


Welcome to MiddleNet

Things are not so obvious here... if you think that Super Co-op Adventure is "just another platformer" you are wrong. Pay attention to your surraunding before making your next move!


Strange contraptions are awating

Prepare to use and combine the power of weird gadgets during your journey! You will have to learn and remember each function if you want to proceed with your mission.


The LowNet power is with you

There is nothing that LowNet can't do, apart from displaying crispy images of course! Learn how to use LowNet at your advantage and enjoy its super vintage challenges.

  1. Try our pubblic playable preview! - We want to know what you think about Super Co-op Adventure and see if P1 and P2 are going in the right direction. Get the download links.
  2. The music makes this world a better place. - It does, definetely! The musician and chiptune artist Ozzed provided us with outstanding tracks since day one, you should definetely check his page and enjoy his selection of tunes.  Enjoy some great chiptunes.
  3. The press kit is ready. - We have prepared a .zip folder containing medias (pictures, sprites and the video) plus a .pdf files with all the infos we have up to now about the project. We hope the material will help you in your job. Get press kit here.

We are a small team of creatives who do their best to craft some enjoyable gameplay experience. is a recently established design studio in Europe, our research mainly focuses on developing refined multiplayers game mechanics.

...So you want to write us?! Please do it! Everyone is welcome, but please consider that press, investors and B2B releated enquiries need to be send through a corporate mail. Thank you for getting in touch!

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